France Ferries Enjoy Many Advantages


Holidaymakers travelling from the UK to France enjoy many advantages when they travel on ferries. In addition to being economical, ferry travel is comfortable too. Opportunity to bring your car and pets, and endless baggage, are some of the many other reasons to choose to travel by ferry. There are many advantages of travelling on ferries to France.

Travellers can enjoy excellent sceneries and feel refreshed when the sea breeze caress them. Ferries plying on the English Channel also offer fabulous onboard facilities. Ferries are also more environment-friendly than other modes of transport. Not to mention the number of destinations that can now be reached by cheap ferries. Here are 10 advantages of travelling on ferries.

Ferry travel costs less – Travelling by ferry is cheaper than travelling by other modes. Moreover, the actual fare may include meals on some ferries. So, ferries help reduce your travel expenses. They’re ideal if you want to visit other European destinations from France.

Comfort – They’re a convenient way to travel to a destination. You get more leg room and space to move around unlike on flights where you have to be confined to your seats. Travellers can hire a cabin as well for overnight ferries.

Picturesque scenery – Travellers can enjoy spectacular scenery, including sandy beaches and cliffs, while journeying on a ferry.

Limitless Luggage – Ferries allow you to bring any number of baggages as there are no restrictions as on flights.

Bring your Car – Most ferries allow to bring your car on board. That means, travellers can simply drive their car to the ferry port in the UK and take it over to mainland Europe on holiday. Taking your own car has other benefit. You can load your car up with as much shopping stuff as possible and you don’t have to waste time hiring a car.

Bring the Pets – You can bring your pets such as cats and dogs onboard a ferry.

Eco-friendly – Ferries cause less harm to the environment.

Restaurants and Bars – Travellers can sip French wine at the bar or enjoy French cuisine at the restaurant as most ferries have bars, cafes and restaurants onboard.

Entertainment – Ferries offer a number of options for entertainment including live entertainment. If you love to watch movies you can do so on board as ferries have theater. For kids, there are play areas to keep them occupied.

Shopping – Travellers can save money by purchasing goods in the onboard duty free shops.


Have Unlimited Fun at the Inexpensive Beaches Near Côte d’Azur


No beach in the world can match the glamour of Côte d’Azur. The pristine blue waters and the warm weather of the French Riviera attract many tourists from across the world. However, it’s highly expensive and get overcrowded during summer. So why not get away from the maddening crowd and explore the nearby less crowded beaches as there are many less popular, but equally beautiful destinations in this spectacular region of France.

Marseille – Located on the shores of France’s Mediterranean coast, the city of Marseille is a great destination for a beach holiday. There are around 20 small beaches where travellers can enjoy a variety of holidays. For instance, the beaches on the calanques inlets are secluded and great for a quite holiday away from the crowd. Go to Catalan Beach near the Old Port or Estaque Beaches for diving or sailing and South Marseille’s Pointe Rouge and Le Prophète beaches for water skiing, beach games and windsurfing. Estaque beaches are also ideal for families with children. Le Prophète and Prado beaches in South Marseille are great for parties. The city also has plenty of other attractions apart from beaches such as unique and colourful markets, picturesque coves, delicious seafood and lively shopping centres.

Nice – Nice, a city on the French Riviera is a major port city and a popular tourist destination. Like the other beaches of the French Riviera, the Nice beaches are pebbly. The best scenic beaches in Nice are private beaches. Some good private beaches include Castel Plage, Ponchettes and Opera. The castel beach is nestled under the Chateau and water is calmer. If you want to enjoy a game of beach volleyball, head to Ponchettes as the beach has a volleyball court. You can also swim here under the watchful eyes of lifeguards. Opera is great for water skiing, para sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting and more.

Cannes – Cannes famous for hosting the international film festival every year attract a large number of sun-seeking tourists. The beaches in Cannes are sandy. The place has other attractions apart from the expensive private beaches. Travellers can see fancy yachts in the harbour, visit Palais des Festivals where the international film festival is held, walk through the winding streets of the old town or visit the two off shore less crowded islands of Ile St-Honorat and Ile Ste-Marguerite.

Antibes – Antibes is a favourite destination for a family holiday. The city has many beautiful beaches and a hilly coastline. In the evenings, the outdoor restaurants in the Old Port are full of visitors eager to taste delicious French food. Visiting the Picasso museum and shopping for fresh vegetables, meat, fish and cheese are the other things visitors can do. There are many options for a great beach holiday in France apart from the famous and expensive Côte d’Azur. However, to make the holiday more exciting, take ferry to the UK to France. Yes, there are many cheap ferries to Francefrom the UK making travelling to France much easier.

Spy Cameras

Over the accomplished decade there has been a apparent change in the technology of surveillance equipment, forth with a cogent abridgement in amount a allotment of aegis cameras, tracking devices, and GPS units. Perhaps the better change of these has been apparent in the breadth of hidden spy cameras. In beneath than 10 years, the “nanny cam” has acquired from a complicated bureaucracy of cyberbanking accessories to a simple to use cyberbanking plan of art. So, what accomplish has technology taken in the change of spy cameras?

Wired to Wireless Hidden Cameras

Like accepted aegis cameras begin today attention homes, businesses, and begin on about every artery bend in the city, assistant cams were addition active camera defective video access active from the camera assemblage aback to a recording device, like a VCR or monitor. Forth the way, micro chips got abate and added able in creating miniature lenses, or what is today alleged breach cameras. These were calmly placed into such accustomed items, like teddy bears, anxiety radios, and about any domiciliary item. Although still accessible today and generally apparent in bearded hidden cameras, like smoke detectors, floodlights, and some bank clocks, they crave two sets of affairs to address ability and arresting to a TV or DVR.

Concealing the affairs was a bit cumbersome, but again a new bearing of wireless cameras hit the bazaar starting about 2000. First bogus in such azoic altar as planters, teddy bears, books, avenue signs, and endless added items, wireless cameras eventually begin their way into applied alive components, like anxiety clocks, Nanny cams anxiety radios, wristwatches, corpuscle phones, bubbler pens, and CD players. Inside the basic was a tiny breach video camera and a baby wireless transmitter. If a chump purchased a wireless assistant cam, they got not alone a alive cyberbanking accessory but a receiver, A/V cables and ability adapter as well. The catchy allotment came if it was in fact time to set up the hidden camera system. The receiver that was provided had to bung into either a adviser abutting by or a VCR if they capital to almanac contest throughout the day. This appropriate the user to abode the VCR about in the abode aural 100 anxiety of the camera, either in addition allowance or on addition attic altogether. The receiver was again acquainted into the VCR, and if the user was accessible to alpha recording he just hit the “start” button. Voila!… well, not exactly. A accepted VHS cassette can alone almanac eight to ten hours max, which can actualize a problem. However, with the appearance of PCs and DVR players this did abundantly extend the recording time available.